Favoured across the industry 

Ebiquity provides independent advertising monitoring and competitive analysis to key advertisers and agencies across Australia and internationally. We provide analysis and insights to advertisers, media agencies, and creative agencies as well as industry associations and government departments.


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Ebiquity Portfolio - The most advanced competitor advertising intelligence website tool. Stay informed on all new campaigns with daily email alerts and access years of back data. Analyze both the creative messages and the spend weight behind them.

AdSearch - Fast and expert advice to help you find the right ads. Call +61 2 9099 4008 if you would like help finding an ad

Insight - Customised reporting designed to your specific needs. Short, concise and actionable insights - weekly, monthly, quarterly. Click here for more

Unrivaled media monitoring 

Our media coverage is best in market. Our Sydney team monitors over 15 million ads per year for our clients, across all main media. 
Comprehensive coverage is important to our clients. We are continually investing in technology to do it better and deliver it to our clients faster.

Free-to-air TV channels across the 5 major metro markets

Subscription TV channels (Creative only - exclusive agreement with MCN)

National newspapers

Regional & local newspapers


Radio Stations


Digital Video
- pre- & post roll advertising from main YouTube channels

National Outdoor -
feed from partnership with major Outdoor media owners

Free-to-air NZ TV channels

Digital Ad Tracking

Ebiquity offers the most comprehensive and accurate online display ad tracking and spend service. We will achieve this by monitoring more ad formats, more sites programmatic and direct buy, HTML5, behavioural targeting, positioning and moreā€¦

Back data to 1981 

With our Australian monitoring service launching in 1981, we have decades of advertising creative ready for our clients to access and analyze giving us unrivalled back data in the Australian marketplace.

Unique depths, unique benefits 


The depth of Ebiquity's data capture allows our clients to get more from their data. Every single ad is tagged with a description that is written by a human operator giving context to an ad. These keywords can then be analyzed across total categories or markets giving the ability to drive powerful research for different positioning strategies at a macro level. Want to know how much price point activity competitors are running against brand building strategies? We can do that. Want to know how that activity has changed over the past 5 years? We can do that too.

A truer picture of competitor TV spend

Our TV spend estimates are based on an aggregated average spend of a $10 million advertiser from our media benchmarking pool. They reflect time of year (seasonality), daypart and market. With this unique ability to estimate spend, we are able to deliver the best spend estimates for TV advertising in the marketplace.

Advertising Intelligence made easy 

Subscribers regularly tell us how easy the online platform is to use. Our market-leading client service team makes sure our clients are trained up and able to get the most out of their data. Our insight team works with our clients to provide bespoke targeted reports helping them take their data even further. They remain on hand throughout the contract covering the entire working week. Subscribers to Ebiquity Portfolio can export to Word, Excel and their own PowerPoint templates, making internal reporting straightforward.

Expert client service

Our highly responsive client service team pride themselves on their speed to respond to client requests (within an hour during business hours). We make sure our clients are fully trained on the Portfolio service and hold as many training sessions and Q&A sessions as the client requires. The team also produce ad hoc reports for non-subscribers. 
Email the team or call on +61 (2) 9299 7911

"The Ebiquity team is always highly responsive to our needs and their generosity with their time has equipped us to use the data to its maximum potential."

Geoffrey Annison, PhD, Deputy Chief Executive, Australian Food & Grocery Council