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Ebiquity Portfolio is the advertising tracking service preferred by UK insight teams and marketers who need to understand what their competitors are advertising and analyze how much they are spending. The timeliness of our data and speed of reporting allows them to react quickly. Our accurate spend estimates instills confidence, while the depth of our data and categorization means clients get maximum value from the data.


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Comprehensive data... 

10,000 ads are added to our database every week so our clients get the complete picture of what's happening in their market. We capture digital display, email, and competitor webpages to meet clients' changing needs. We monitor in excess of 40 TV stations, 30 radio stations, and over 1000 print titles alongside cinema and outdoor. In addition we have robust panels providing direct mail and door-drop data.

...when clients need it.

Comprehensive insertion tracking means Ebiquity clients see new ads quicker than their competitors. It also attracts major online and offline media owners and regulatory bodies, who we count among our clients.

A truer picture of competitor TV spend 

Ebiquity's media auditing cost pools and in-house expertise mean our spend estimates are more accurate than those produced by discounted ratecard methodology. We're able to deliver daily, weekly and monthly spend reports quicker than anyone else, meaning Ebiquity clients can plan their spend, and adjust their channel mix when they need to.

Unique depths, unique benefits

The depth of Ebiquity's data capture allows our clients to get more from their data. They can search for featured brands within retail ads, for promotional tie-ins like competitions, and for who is using which social media tags. Our free-text search means they can more easily analyze seasonal campaigns, for example, and messaging using particular keywords. Our TV monitoring captures both ads and sponsorship idents, while our direct mail and door-drop data allows audience demographic analysis.

Delivered with ease 

Subscribers tell us how easy to use our online platform is to use. Subscribers to Ebiquity Portfolio can export to Word, Excel and their own PowerPoint templates, making internal reporting straightforward.

"Fast paced, which is important when you have to do something which is out of the ordinary/urgent."

Supermarket client 


Our market-leading client service team trains clients, configures alerts and creates bespoke reports for them using their industry knowledge. They remain on hand throughout the contract, covering the entire working week. They also produce ad hoc reports for non-subscribers.

"Collaborative, knowledgeable and highly professional... in a friendly and enjoyable manner."

Agency client