Track competitor activity across the world 

The world's largest harmonized advertising library 

Ebiquity's international database holds over 25 million ads from the 1950s to today. Thousands of the latest digital video, online display, TV, and print ads are captured daily across 80 countries to meet our clients' specific needs.

All ads are harmonized by our data center and enriched with metadata using a single consistent methodology. As a result our clients can easily find ads and their research results are coherent and consistent across markets.


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Assisting the world's leading brands

Over 250 multinational companies from all market sectors, including agencies, rely on Ebiquity's Advertising Intelligence service. So, too, do many smaller domestic brands. Each needs a comprehensive, reliable and easy way of tracking competitor activity.

It gives us the confidence that we know in good time who is doing what, where, and when

Consumer Electronics client

The complete research platform 

Ebiquity Portfolio delivers clients the advertising intelligence they need to develop more successful campaigns. Our platform is tailored to suit specific client requirements. We offer either a creative only option, or linked creative and ad expenditure option. The recently redeveloped platform is faster, easier to use, and includes better digital video capture, better analytics, and tablet compatibility.

Alerts of new activity
Be notified of breaking campaigns

Smart functionality
Customisable for individual needs

Intuitive search engine
Predictive search for quicker results

Independent data from a single source
A trusted supplier supplying everything in one place

User tags
Keyword tagging to make ads easier to group and share

Hi-res downloads
Read more clearly, present more professionally

File sharing
In HTML, PDF, MS apps, and more

Presentation builder
Into ad storyboards and in-house templates

"The new portfolio makes competitor tracking easier and lets me do some clever stuff quicker - I like it!"

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Digital Ad Tracking

Competitive media planning insights

Ebiquity offers the most comprehensive and accurate way to monitor competitor display advertising online; more ad formats, more sites, programmatic and direct buy, HTLM5, behavioural targeting, insights into ad tech, positioning and moreā€¦

Clients can see where competitors are advertising, how frequently, and how prominently. We offer ad expenditure data linked in individual creative executions showing spend behind each campaign. Our dashboards present data in fully interactive modules and our chart and report generator allows users to easily extract and visualize it. Popular features include share of voice, ad spend timelines, top campaigns, campaign flighting, ad expenditure reports, and our set-up wizard.

Clients who demand more choose our Ebiquity Portfolio+ platform. Working to their specific briefs, our experienced category experts decipher which new creative executions are important to the client, and why. They translate the copy, analyze trends, and overlay commentary before emailing clients their customized weekly creative alert; advertising intelligence made easy.

Context, commentary and analysis 

How we can help? 

For some clients we provide ads on-demand; Ebiquity AdSearch is a great online platform of creative material from around the globe and is ideal for running competitor reviews, new business pitches, and research projects. Our dedicated and experienced client service team is readily available to discuss requirements and quickly provide what is required. 

Email the team or call them on +44 (0) 20 7650 9900

"It's like having another team member on hand when we really need help."

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