“Our report demonstrates that brand safety is a complex issue that remains highly relevant for many brands, and there isn’t necessarily one standard applicable to all advertisers. Despite continued risks to brands, we believe advertisers can take active steps to tackle brand safety and ad fraud.”

Ebiquity partnered with ad fraud and brand safety specialists zulu5 to assess brand safety in the UK digital advertising market. The study analysed more than four million critical internet domains. We found that in the first quarter of 2019 alone, ads from almost two-thirds of the top 100 advertisers in the UK appeared in environments many consider to be non-brand-safe.

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Angus McLean

Director, Digital

Angus joined Ebiquity in 2018. His background is a mix of client and agency side roles. He was previously the acting General Manager of Marketing for Tourism Northern Territory and Director of Digital. He has worked for telecommunications and technology company Telstra and began his media career in Sydney, Australia at the media agency Mindshare looking after digital for major brands.

Angus leads a team of digital specialists at Ebiquity advising clients on digital best practices and measurement. Angus holds a degree in commerce and information systems.


Andreas Gysler

CEO & Co-Founder

Andreas Gysler is Managing Director and Co-Founder of zulu5, a company specialised in fighting digital ad fraud and ensuring brand safety. Zulu5 decided to tackle these important issues in new ways, using a crawler-based approach that provides complete transparency along the ad delivery ecosystem.

After completing his studies in business administration at the University of St. Gallen and obtaining his MBA at Nanyang Tech University in Singapore, Andreas began his career in 2007 with Hewlett-Packard in Switzerland. There he held several key account management positions for major international clients in the software and enterprise services divisions. He founded zulu5 with three partners in 2014.


About us

About Ebiquity

Ebiquity is a leading independent marketing and media consultancy. Our ambition is to help brands harness the power of data, analytics, and technology to improve marketing outcomes.

About zulu5

Our aim is to get advertisers and media intermediaries an easy to understand view of their brand exposure on critical sites and, in case existing protection mechanisms do not hold, to provide all the needed information to weed out any shady publishers and protect your brand for good.